Three days isolation – GI infection. Boo.

So, the reason I’ve been able to catch up and publish my blog about Asia is because I’ve literally had three days of complete isolation to do it!

That’s right, I was isolated to my cabin for three days.

I caught the dreaded cruise ship GI virus. Just google cruise ship GI to discover how prevalent and problematic this virus is. It sucked. I couldn’t leave my room at all until the nurse’s okay. Fortunately I have a nice single cabin (as you can see). No window, though…but channel 68 on my tv is the view from the bridge, so it’s like a window.

I’ve been able to do a little work for Leslie since I have the software, so that alleviated some of the guilt and boredom. And besides blogging I got to watch movies, read articles and (for the first time in 3 months) sleep in past 7:30. So it surprisingly went very quickly and wasn’t all that boring.

But you can go ahead and feel sorry for me.

Your devoted global adventure guide,


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