A birthday at sea

Well, there’s definitely something to be said about having a birthday hundreds of miles from land.

Hmm…what to say about it… (lol)

Definitely there was a little bit of missing family and friends from back home – being so far away from where I’ve always celebrated these past 25 years.

The fact; however, that in such a short span of time since starting on this adventure, I’ve had the opportunity to meet such inspiringly positive and welcoming people as my fellow crew is truly amazing. So celebrating my birthday, celebrating these new friendships, celebrating living life with passion…and celebrating it out at sea – it was truly special.

My aunt asked if I got the day off for my birthday. Nope, only way you get a day off on the ship is if the doctor puts you in GI isolation or gives you a sick note. To be clear to everyone, I work seven days a week on board. Not that I’m complaining about that, of course.

My birthday celebration began after the work-day ended. On Jan. 19th my boss-boss, the manager of Shipboard Media, joined the ship in LA (her name is Cari Lee). She took Leslie and I out for a nice birthday dinner at the speciality Italian restaurant. The string quintet came by to serenade a happy birthday song, and a nice cake was brought out. The cake was all the more special when I learned that my friend Raymond – the other young guy who joined shipboard life the same day I did – was the pastry chef who personally made my cake. How cool.

On board for the world cruise we have an acapella quartet. Later that evening, at karaoke, the group leader Tim continued the serenading theme by singing “Sixteen Candles” to me. Fun, but a little weird to say the least. I reprised my karaoke debut of a few days ago, and then went with my friends to the crew bar.

I’m happy to say that, despite a slight bit of head pain, I made it up for work at 8:30am (fortunately, we did sail into another time zone the night of the 20th, so I got an extra hour…but I’m afraid I used it for an hour extra birthday partying). I successfully recovered by using my afternoon nap for a nice nap.

Many thanks for the birthday greetings that you sent. Despite the distance, it’s amazing how warm sentiments still mean a lot.

– Andrew

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