Setting sail for a new adventure

Living life with passion.

Let’s start off my first attempt at blogging with a post that might be, perhaps, a little too philosophical and deep. But why not… jump in with both feet, right?

“How did this all begin” is the question I’ve been asked countless times.

Six months ago, I never would have dreamed of this – though I suppose the seeds were being planted inside. So far things had gone just the way I had hoped: an education in a field I totally love, followed by a return to my hometown and an amazing start to a career in communication. All of which I was very happy with – and truly grateful for. Truly.

Then, a glimmer of adventure sprouted in my mind. Maybe it was attending too many motivational seminars through work. The thought was that I wanted to – needed to – do something incredibly “out there” in life before the kids and picket fence came. Or, more specifically, like those motivational people…I started wanting to be that person who does what they always dream of.

I was fearful at first of putting aside the blessings and successes, but was encouraged by my mentors to go for it…to live the dream (or as they said, to let them live vicariously through my journey).

So, I started the search – and decided that seeing the world through cruise ship employment would be just the horizon-expanding experience to fit the bill. As if by destiny (I don’t want to get THAT philosophical), I found a posting for Assistant Editor of Guest Publications with one of the world’s top cruise lines, Crystal Cruises. Everything fell into place – telephone interview, etc; leading up to the unbelievable words that I was hired to sail around the world in four months.

I hope, through this site, to capture some of the experience of what it’s all about: the destinations, the reality of working on a moving vessel, and the ups and downs of my first time overseas.

I’m not sure if I’ll really be able to capture what this is really all about, though. More than seeing more of the world, more than gaining work experience; what I’m discovering this is all really about is striving towards the life philosophy I’ve been trying to follow: living life with passion.

I’m starting the blog part with a photo of empty chairs at an airport departure lounge – at the risk of overdoing the metaphor of leaving the comfortable to pursue adventure.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by the site and joining me on the adventure!

– Andrew

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